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objavio: Vlatka Bakarić  datum: 2. 5. 2018. 20:47

Engleski jezik

  My town Pakrac

  The place where I live

       I live in a town. The name of my town is  Pakrac. It's in the north - east of Croatia.

       There  are a lot of things I like about the place I live. For example, there is cinema where I go almost every weekend. There are also music school, gym and things like that. I'm very happy  here because I have friends and we have a good time.

      On the other hand, there are some problems, too. There  isn't  big shopping centre like City Centre One or West Gate. Also, there aren`t  music shop  where people can buy instruments, and Mc Donalds, where everybody can eat. If popular stars as One Direction or Rihanna held their concerts here,a lot of young people would live in a town. After that,my town will not be just an ordinary town, it would be a real city. 

       With or without that, I am very proud of my little town. I think, if people are more united, the town will be stronger. I really want to help my town to become better place, because Pakrac really deserves that.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Anamarija Pavičić, 6 D


The place where I live

  I live in the village Prekopakra. It's in the north-east of the country.

          There  are  a  lot  of  things I like about the place I live. For example,there  is my family.There is forest and lots of time I spend  in nature. There are also the meadows and fields. I'm very happy  there  because  my  grandparents live  close to me.There are a  lot of friends in Prekopakra with whom I spend leisure time. The  village  Prekopakra  is  close  to  town Pakrac. I have everything  we  need in Pakrac: shops, schools, cinema and gym.

           My friends and I would like to have and swimming pool, too.

           That's why I like to live in the village Prekopakra.  

                                                                                             Lucija Huška, 6 D


                                           The place where I live    

              I live in village called Prekopakra.It's on the north-east of the country.It's a beautiful village.I grow up here and I'm happy because of that.
            There are a lot of nice people, forests and meadows.I love playing with my dog on meadows and breath fresh air.I love to walk through the forest,too.
              There are a lot of things I like about the place I live. For examle,there is road for motors in Matkovac.We have motorbike competition called Motocross there.There is a lake called Raminac,too.There is also my old school.I attended it few years ago. This brings a lot of memories.I felt better then...I miss my old teacher.
I'm happy here because my friends live near here and my family is close to me. 
            On the other hand, there are some problems,too.There are not a lot of shops so I can't go shopping.Thre are't enough jobs,so lot of people are poor and they don't have money for buying food or something they need.They need help
              I really love living here.I think I will move to some other place.It'ii be better for me.I will miss this place so much,but it will be forever in my heart.

Sara  Erlbek,6 D

                                          The place where I live

       I live in Pakrac.Pakrac is in the north-east of Croatia.
       There are a lot of things I like about the place I live.For example,there playground,handball club, football club, volleyball club.There are also:church,museum,elementary and high school and hospital. I'm very happy there because of the cinema and gym.
       On the other hand,there are some problems,too.There isn't a shopping centar and town pool.There aren't enough jobs and extra school activites.There are also some problems with transport connections.
        I think people should  care more about each other. Life in town will be easier then.

Domagoj Vonić,6D


The place where I live 

I live in Pakrac. There are a lot of forests and I like it. It’s in the east of the country.

         There are a lot of things I like about the place I live. For example, there are a lot of playgrounds. There are also a lot of children and grandparents. I'm very happy there because school has a lot of beautiful girls and funny teachers.

        On the other hand, there are some problems, too. There isn’t love and honesty. There isn’t enough attention.

      I think people should care more about town because there are a lot of streets with destroyed houses.                                   

                                                                            Marko Kobetić, 6 D


The place where I live

                    I live in a small town Pakrac. It is on the west of Slavonia, which is on the east of Croatia.

                  Pakrac was destroyed in war, so there are a lot of ruins. Buildings are ruined and that's a pity. They are dangerous and ugly. They could be prettier and renovated, but country doen't have enough money for that. Well, Pakrac has been slowly renewing. After war we got our cinema back in September 2013. Everybody likes it. Our school is big and nice. Ilove it because a lot of memories are associated with it. My favourite place here is the music school. I like it so much bacause music is my life and without that school I would have never learnt to play the guitar. There is also our beautiful church. Lots of people come here to see it. My favourite street is Coast of King Petar Krešimir. Everybody here named it Venice. The reason is it is next to the River Pakra. Some people destroyed natural beauty of our river. Now, it looks more like canal than the river.

      People shold care more about Pakrac. They can preserve it from garbage, graffits and other similar ways of destruction. Pakrac will be beautiful little town then. Its future is in our hands.

Kristina Zednik, 6 c

What will our future look like? You can read some opinions here... 


            I think that we will able to live on other planets. We will have cities on other planets and  travel a light year. We'll  be able to meet new species and communicate with them. Human beings will explore those species. Big spaceship will help us travel through the space. Astronauts will have more advanced suites. We will be masters of galaxy.

 Ante Dumančić, 6. d


            I'm just twelve years old, but I'm thinking about my future. I think I'll live in England, in Manchester or London.

         I hope I'll work as a pharmacist. That isn't a hard work.I hope I'll learn to drive when I'm 18.  I think I'll get married at the age of 25 or 26, if I find the right person, and have a child when I'm 28. I hope my ideal partner will be intelligent and good-looking. He doesn't have to be rich, but he must be nice and definitely mustn't be rude. I hope I'll write the book. Actually, I've already started writing. My planet will look the same. People will drive cars, perhaps flying cars. We won't have disease because of advanced medicine. People won't live on Mars and they won't find life on other planets. Perhaps there will be war on the Earth, because of hard time we have here.

        I'm ready for everything in my life. I just want to be happy and that's all I need. 

Anamarija Pavičić, 6.d           




        Here it comes. Autumn is here. The most coloured season. Leaves are everywhere. People are carrying colourful umbrellas. There is the rainbow in the sky. Little drops are falling from the grey clouds. There are ponds all over the streets. The Sun is hiding from the rain. Days become shorter and nights longer. I love this season, especially because of Halloween. We pick the pumpkins, put candles in them and make eyes, nose and scary mouth.Some people don't like autumn.They think it is boring. I want to explain that every season has something special. Autumn is special to me. You can see squirels in the park. You can see chestnuts when you walk through the forest untill leaves rustle under your feet.You can even make a picnic when the sun dries off all the raindrops. I love it because of my birthday, too ! 

I hope I helped you to fall in love with this beautiful season.


My life

        My name is Kristina Zednik.I live in Pakrac. I'm eleven years old and I go to primary school in class 5 c. I walk to school every day with my best  friend Marta. School starts at eight o'clock and finishes at a quarter past twelve. My favourite subjects are Science, Geography, English and Art. I don't like Maths. After school, I go home and do my homework or go to music school. On Tuesdays and Fridays I have the guitar lessons. Sometimes I watch TV or roller-skate. My favourite series are Doctor Who and Full House. In the evenings I usually read a book.I like reading. My favourite book is "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". This book is very interesting and scary.

        I've got a brother Lovro. He's only four years old and he goes to kindergarten. I like going to school, but I don't like tests and homeworks. 

  Kristina Zednik,5 c 

My life

I'm I.N. I'm eleven years old and I live in Pakrac. I go to primary school. My favourite subjects are English and History. They are so interesting. My class is 5c. I love my class and my school friends.They are amusing. I know all their names. 

In my free time I practise the violin and I like to play it. My hobbies are singing,playing basketball and chess. I adore singing and I know lots of songs.My favourite song is Summer Paradise. 

I live in a big house with a big backyard. There is my cat Cicka and my kitten Pucko. I also love flowers, especially lilies. They are nice and smell beautifully. I love rain,'cause when it's raining I get inspired for drawing. My favourite meal is spaghetti and favourite drinks are Sprite and tea.

You know a lot about me now and I hope you like it.




 5th grade

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